Matthew's Party - People Matter

You Belong.

Jesus was liked by people who were unlike him. People flocked to Jesus because they knew he was for them. God’s message is hope for all people… not just church people. We want to make it easy to say yes to Jesus by making it hard to say no to church. This is a place where all people are welcome.

Is this for me?


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Matthew's Party is Relational. Not Religious.

Relational. Not Religious.

You have friends here no matter where you may (or may not) be on your  journey.

Matthew's Party - Belong before you believe.

Belong before you Believe.

Jesus said, “Come to me, all.., I desire mercy not religion.”  Love is an open door.

Matthew's Party - Celebrate and serve.

Celebrate and Serve.

Hang back, jump in, or serve up. Discover and connect with God’s plans.

Matthew's Party Mission

Our Mission.

Our MISSION is to enrich lives by leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ while sharing life together. Matthew 9:9-13 inspires us.

Matthew's Party Vision

Our Vision.

Our VISION is to create churches nonreligious people love to be a part of. After all… who doesn’t like to be invited to a party? This is a place where all are welcome.

Matthew's Party Plan

Our Plan.

Our PLAN is to connect people in significant relationships, inspire, encourage, and equip a growing faith, loving community, and authentic influence.

New Here.

It can be a little nerve racking to walk into a new experience. No worries! Here’s some information about what you can expect on a Sunday at Matthew’s Party. We’re currently meeting from 10:30am-11:30am at Southlands Mall, 6105 S Main Street, Aurora, CO 80016 – 2nd floor directly above Old Chicago Pizza. This setting is fun and casual. There is ample parking and our awesome volunteers will make you and your family feel welcomed and at home. Pastor Michael’s messages are engaging, entertaining, Biblically based, and short! We have wonderful activities for your kiddos, cool ways for you to meet and make new friends, and exciting opportunities to engage with your community.

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Matthew's Party What to Expect

What to Expect.

We’re all a little nervous trying out something new. No worries! We have a “No Hassle Guarantee” and no one is going to ask you to drink the Koolaid.

Matthew's Party Kids

My Kids.

Safe, clean, and fun! Your kids will have a blast and you’ll have peace of mind. Our loving (and security screened) volunteers are ready to serve. Enjoy the break!

Matthew's Party Events


Ways to have fun, connect, make friends, and engage in great activities all week long. Hang in a group with others who also love doing what you love. 

Matthew's Party - You Belong


Join our online community by clicking the “home” icon above. Life is best when shared. Explore. Engage. Enjoy! Caution – Friendly people inside.


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Pastor Michael Pickering

Michael Pickering Lead Pastor

Hey there! If you’re looking for a perfect pastor keep looking! If you’re looking for a friend who has been around the block a few times… Yep. We all have a story. I would love to hear yours! Helping people connect with God’s heart, plans & dreams fires me up.

Amy Pickering - Matthew's Party Kiddos

Amy Pickering Party Animals

Hi! In addition to being married to Michael, my joy is raising our little princesses, Arabella and Arianna, ages 4 & 2. Creating safe, clean, and fun environments for our Party Animals makes my heart sing! Do you want to build a snowman?

Matthew's Party - Thank YouOnline Giving

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Thank you for helping to make a difference in someone’s life. We’re grateful for and honor your tax deductible gifts with faithful management, ethical business practices, and full accountability. You can give safely and securely today via text or online. If you would prefer to give your gift in the form of a check, cash, or non-cash item please contact us using the contact info below. Thank you!

Contact Us.

Feel free to text us, email us, phone us, smoke signal us, carrier pigeon us, or visit us. You can find us using our nifty map (just scroll down a bit).

Matthew's Party Goal

Sunday’s Location.

Southlands Mall, 6105 S Main Street, Aurora, CO 80016 – 2nd floor directly above Old Chicago Pizza across from the AMC Movie Theater. Sunday mornings @10:30am. You belong!